Monday, July 29, 2013

Meals in a Jar Assembly

Today we are showing you how to assemble the meals in a Jar. A non overwhelming project. Seriously, very easy. 

All you need is:

Quart Jar with a lid
oxygen absorber 

When making these my advise would be to make more than one jar per recipe. Saves money and time.

First Grab the items needed, Jars with lids, oxygen absorber, measuring cups, and a funnel for the powdery stuff(makes less mess), with the recipe of your choice. Ours today is going to be Broccoli Cheese Alfredo. 

Now we are ready for assembly

                    Grab the Jar and begin putting the ingredients in, Try to keep it in order, this just makes it easier during while assembling. 

                                                      Super Easy!!!

                     Put the oxygen absorber in. Remember Pink is good and Blue/Purple it no longer good. Then put the lid on. The next morning press your finger on the top of the lid, if there is NO clicking you are good and the oxygen absorber is doing its job and keeping it fresh. If there happens to be a clicking, check your absorbers make sure they are good, and try putting a a new one in again. When Done properly the Meals In A Jar can last 5 to 7years.

Now we are going to show you just how easy it is to cook these things.      

 Get your sauce pan, or like me an electric skillet, and put it on the appropriate setting. Then Add your water, its usually 4 cups but it all depends on the recipe.

 Add all the ingredients in 

 Stir, and put the lid on. put your timer on for 20 min or whatever the recipe calls for. Stir occasionally. 

After the 20 min check to see if its done, by tasting :) This is what it looks like when its done. Super good looking, and yummy too. 

I Use Thrive products because the are flash freeze dried, meaning its real food with all the nutritious value of fresh fruits and vegetables, and all the taste. And I dont' know about you but I like knowing that when Im feeding my family and me, especially when we are actually eating it and liking it. 

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