Monday, November 11, 2013

How much Food is in Your Food Storage

Let's talk food storage for a minute....Have you ever wondered just how much food you are getting in a #10 can?  It can be really hard to tell! 

Do you sometimes look at the food you have in food storage and wonder what you really have? 

 I wanted to really know what I was getting for my money with THRIVE.  Then I was sent this e-mail from my oh so gifted trainer who recently bought a bunch of her favorite THRIVE foods fresh from the grocery store.  She came home and cooked them and / or chopped them into the same size pieces as Her THRIVE. She made a little bit of an adjustment for the THRIVE foods that take up a bit less volume freeze dried than fresh.  Then compared.  She figured out just how much She was getting for her money with THRIVE.  For example, She learned that one #10 can of Zucchini has about 15 small zucchini in it. 

Attached to that email she sent was A cute little thing that she drew up of what she could buy at the 
 "THRIVE Grocery store" for $200.  Here is what She found. I found it this super helpful and Awesome!!!! I hope it helps you get a clearer picture of just how THRIVE compares to what you are buying at the grocery store.  adapted from Misty Marsh 

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