Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beef Stew In a Jar

All of my Soup category "Meals In a Jar" take a bit longer than the actual meals, but worth it. What we found though is that we prefer a beef base over the tomato base, however. I think the soups are great thing to have sitting around, because in the colder months who does't occasionally crave a good hearty soup especially when its not in a can ( feeling healthy) :) 

Recipe For Beef Soup in A Jar:
    Add each ingredient in order. You'll need to shake the jar gently after each ingredient to make everything fit.

1 cup Thrive Instant Red Beans( or 1 cup potatoes, this to me tastes better)
1/2 cup Thrive Tomato Powder (or Thrive Brown Gravy, 1/4 cup. This also I prefer much more)
1/3 cup Thrive Corn
1/3 cup Thrive Diced Carrots
1/3 cup Thrive Peas
1 tbsp of chefs Choice Seasoning
1tsp garlic powder
1/4 cup onions
1 cup Thrive Beef Dices

 Assembly: Put all ingredients in order into the Jar. You will have to shake the jar gently to make this all fit especially if your doing the potatoes instead of beans. After everything is in put in the oxygen absorber and put lid on. Check next morning to make sure the Jar sealed ( clicks are no good). Store up to 5 years

Making the Beef Soup:
Remember to Remove the oxygen absorber

 Combined 6 cups of water in a stew pot, bring to boil. Reduce Heat and simmer 20-25min.

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