Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beef Stroganoff In a Jar

Today our Meals in a Jar recipes continue. 

These recipes are all tested and tried by those I love, and you know what, we haven't found a recipe we didn't like yet. Of course I will tell you if I tried something and thought it was a disaster, I promise. But so far so good. 

Today we are giving you the famous Beef Stroganoff 

In all seriousness, Im not a big fan of Stroganoff, at least I wasn't. But this, this is good.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe:
2/3 cup Thrive Creamy White Sauce
2cups egg noodles
1/2 cup Thrive Freeze Dried Mushrooms
1 cup Thrive Beef Chunks
1/4 Thrive Sour Cream (this is separate, do not add to jar!!!) it goes in while cooking

As discussed in an earlier post put the ingredients in there order in a Quart jar, add the oxygen pac, seal the Jar. Check the next morning to make sure it was sealed correctly (clicking noise is not good, get a new oxygen pac and check again the following morning)

To make Beef Stroganoff: 

Add 4 cups of water to electric skillet or sauce pan

 Mix well. Put a lid on set timer for 20 min, stirring occasionally. While this is cooking make your sour cream mixture. 1/4 cup Thrive Sour Cream and 2 tbsp stirred together.
 When 20 min is up check for tenderness. Add Thrive Sour Cream

Serve and Eat 

Voila! You are ready to eat a good home cooked meal

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